Ojibway Park

Ojibway Park is home to some of the oldest trees in the area.

This lush woodland is lined with winding walking trails and observable wildlife areas, such as the pond and bird sanctuaries. Walking through this park will make you feel your true relationship to nature. I recommend going in the early morning when you can watch a thick fog lift away into the day.

Ojibway Park is a unique setting on the outskirts of Windsor toward LaSalle because it places you in the middle of a thick forest. You could be walking through a magical woodland chasing faeries or a medieval knight racing off on a noble quest. You may be one of the lone bucks pacing the forest in solitude, or you may be something freer soaring through blue skies overhead. Maybe it’s just my child-like imagination but I like to imagine I’m a woodland dwelling creature walking through my neighbourhood.

This park lays undisturbed and when trees fall to the ground they offer natural planks for chipmunks and squirrels playfully chasing each other in circles.
It is a park where a quiet meditation will evolve into a blending of human and nature as the park’s sounds not only surround you but the life of it moves through you. If you’re still enough, the park will kiss you on your nose, asking you to play. To some, this park is a natural cathedral for getting in touch with their inner selves, with a view of the heavens like this, who could wonder why.

The raucous yipping of gregarious birds sounds this particular cathedral like a soulful church choir.

If you walk far enough you will see artist’s traipsing through patiently waiting for the moment of inspiration to flash a picture, paint their still-life, or set their scene.
They keep coming back, because they always find it!

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  1. I go to Ojibway Park 3-5 times a week, for a variety of reasons: pictures, nature walks, birding, rock hunting, and deer sighting are some of my favourite activities.

    How often do you go?

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