WIFF Short Films Presentation

I saw the WIFF Short Films Presentation 2017 last night at the Capitol Theatre on University Ave. in beautiful downtown Windsor. The Capitol offers a more artistic atmosphere than the modern big box cinema because of it’s open viewing space, well maintained architecture and of course the dazzling paint display; reminding us that we go to the movies for more than to just stuff our faces with 20 dollar pop and popcorn combos watching movies that are visually stimulating though not emotionally, artistically, or intellectually so. The experience of going to see a film should be an engaging one, and I find a movie that features recognizable settings from Windsor very engaging.

The presentation featured 3 locally produced short movies, two of which were filmed in Windsor, the third was a thought provoking documentary about Orca’s and how human impact has changed the oceans – filmed in B.C. (where the Orca’s are, we don’t have them in the river).

The current local interest in local movies is very evident as the theatre was quite full, and a buzz permeated the line outside while we waited anxiously to go in.

This is not intended to be a critique of the films, but rather a promotion of the idea that Windsor is a cinematic town and has a lot of potential to be a filmmaking haven for local artists right now. During a few scenes, I shot up in my seat thinking, “I know that place”, “I’ve been there!”, I thought, “I went to school there” when I saw a woman walking away from the University of Windsor toward the now famous bus stop on University Ave. It was a similar excitement to when I saw shots of Windsor in Bowling for Columbine, and Sicko. It gives me a feeling like the world really is watching, and to take a deep breath and realize how stunning this city really is.

But these films were different, because they were filmed by locals. Windsor is an arts town and there is no better place to start a local film revolution. Windsor is a city that has forged a real bond with its citizens – there is a living bond between us – and it creates a love for this place that a lot of other cities don’t inspire. And we know that pure love is what drives all creativity, so it makes perfect sense that artists would create out of that inspiration.

Methinks the movies are coming to Windsor.

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