Windsor Centre for Film, Digital Media, and the Creative Arts Hosts Online ‘Master Shot Summit’ This Weekend

Attention all Windsor filmmakers, media content creators, and especially you, the person reading this that would like to be a Windsor filmmaker or content creator, this article is for you. Amanda Gellman has done it again, she continues to bring opportunities to develop the Windsor filmmaking industry. Windsor Centre for Film, Digital Media, and the Creative Arts is hosting an online event this weekend that will add more links between you the Windsor filmmaker and/or digital media content creator and the rest of the film and production industry.

With events like, “Financing Media Projects in Ontario”, “Unions, Guilds, and Associations in Film and Media”, “Influencers, and Online Content Creators Roundtable”, or “Sponsors and Local Media Companies Showcase” to name only a few – the Master Shot Summit is the next step of your Master Plan for becoming a Windsor filmmaker and digital media content creator.

If you are a filmmaker here in Southwestern Ontario, the above ‘Master Shot Summit’ is an excellent opportunity for you to learn valuable industry information as well as a great networking opportunity. Guest speakers include: Sir Richard Taylor, Noelle Carbone, Jason B. Stamey, and Tanner Zipchen, former Cineplex pre-show host from 2015-2020.

The online event, happening this weekend (Nov. 19-21) will feature:

“A project financing session (with Telefilm and Canada Media Fund), a unions panel (with ACTRA, WGC, DGC, IATSE), a panel of social media influencers and creators, an info session about media tax credits, a local production company showcase, workshops with talent agents, a video game developers panel, a copyright and entertainment law crash course, [and] Diversity/Equity/Inclusion roundtables.”

The event runs on the online platform, Hubilo. Participants will be able to connect with others/speakers, complete challenges, organize one on one meetings, join networking lounges and many more engaging experiences via the Hubilo platform.

‘Master Shot Summit’ is a collaboration between Windsor Centre for Film, Digital Media, and the Creative Arts, the local non-profit organization that founded Film Camp for Kids here in Windsor, Ont, and a charity, the Media Arts Community Centre and Museum. Both centres are dedicated to creating jobs and growing talent in film and media arts in Southwestern Ontario.

Amanda Gellman says, “We have been discussing the need for a digital media conference for a very long time, and we are proud that we have come to a place where we can host this amazing (and affordable) conference for the community. The event is on-line this year, and next year a portion will be held in our new facility. Young entrepreneurs, second career seekers, students and professionals are all welcome.  The goal of the Summit is for participants to gain skills and/or expand their networks through seminars and workshops. Our larger community-based mandate is to offer opportunities that will grow regional talent and jobs for our emerging film and digital media industry.”

Aaron Fauteux, Project Coordinator for the ‘Master Shot Summit’ says, ““The big-name guest speakers like Richard Taylor, Jason B. Stamey, Noelle Carbone, and Tanner Zipchen all have the common denominator of having been born far away from the Hollywood system and can speak to making a name for themselves in the industry despite that challenge, which I hope will inspire those in our area to believe we can make an impact from here too.”

For more information, or to purchase tickets (ranging from $25 to $125 for the entire weekend) please go to

Finally, a word from an award winning filmmaker from Windsor-Essex, Gavin Michael Booth: “This event is going to be a great opportunity for anyone looking to start or further their career. This industry is all about networking, so having an event like the Master Shot Summit where creators can meet and learn from each other is vital if Windsor-Essex is going to have a thriving filmmaking community.”

The Dream Home Blog from Cinematic … Colchester

When Jennifer Irving approached me a couple of months ago about the idea of shooting a scene from her upcoming Kindle book, Dream Home, I was thrilled to be part of this ground-breaking project. I say this of course because the idea of a trailer is something that seems exclusively associated with the marketing of movies, using it as a promotional medium for a book isn’t common or routine. Having the opportunity to shoot a scene in Colchester, Ont. – a place already abundant with spiritual meaning for me, as a trailer for Dream Home – a novel that is full of the potential of conscious spiritual dream exploration, is an artistic dream come true. 

            The vision for the trailer was to shoot a brief scene from the plot of the book. The script was written by Jennifer and developed through a series of three test shoots at the location in Colchester. During the shoots, I learned what the required lighting set-up would be through a process of trial and error and I created a DIY lighting kit for upcoming videos. Jennifer discovered just how much make-up actors wear, and had fun exploring her character through wardrobe, pictures, and dialogue. Our excitement grew as we inched through tasks like figuring out blocking, editing test footage, writing shot lists, re-doing everything twice; and then Jennifer recruited local artist Tracy Rigg to play the second lead in the scene, eccentric medium, Sandra. 

Tracy has been performing in Essex County for several years. She has performed in bands such as Hardwired and currently Two of a Kind. “Tracy brought an intriguing energy into the character. She naturally fit into the role. It mesmerized me how eerie it was that I was seeing Sandra, the character that I had wrote, standing right in front of me.” Says Jennifer.

a blooper that highlights what a treat Tracy was to have on-set. 

Over two days of shooting, a 3-person production team was able to piece together the footage used to create the Dream Home trailer that is now streaming on Cinematic Windsor’s Youtube channel. All of us put something personal into the project, Jen’s novel, Tracy’s performance or my directing – all of them possible because of our support of the spirituality behind #dreamhomenovel. We overcame obstacles like lawnmowers and noisy animals, mysteriously unplugged microphones, and lighting deficiencies on one day, and then unexpected rain with thunder and lightning storms on the next to arrive at a finished product that we are all proud to have created. 

Jennifer reviews footage in between takes.

Dream Home is an inspiring work because it shows the reader in an accessible format that there is a greater meaning and spirituality behind our everyday interactions. Taking your mother out for a mother-daughter day can have lasting impact through memories long after we’re deceased. It shows us that when we have gratitude for our lives, we are surrounded by the abundance of the universe. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to add my vision to this project, and look forward to future productions in Colchester, Ontario.

Dream Home by Jennifer Irving can be purchased on Kindle.