Welcome to Cinematic Windsor. I have created this blog to share something magical with all of you. Right now, in your beautiful city of Windsor, a wonderful transformation is taking place. Artists have become inspired by the diverse setting of mixed old and new architecture. The energy that is forming in this young community of students, refugees, artists, and your all around Class A citizens is foaming up into a frothy cool beverage fit to be consumed on an outdoor patio!

Locations in Windsor have been used recently in movies, and why wouldn’t it be? Apart from cheaper film costs, this place is truly stunning. There is a river that lights up with the skylines of two countries, there is a whole range of diverse locations from urban to rural and modern to historic. Windsor has it all, and the people who live here already know it, so you know down in your hearts that what I’m saying is true, this place was made to be on the big screen. The point of this blog is to share information and ideas about how it is getting there.

Look for blog posts that share new information about artists and projects happening around Windsor. Keep an eye out for posts essaying why and how Windsor can support a local movie business culture right now. Pay attention and look for pictures taken locally to support the visual representation of Windsor as cinematic indeed (something which I will link to Instagram soon).

Please leave a comment so to start a discussion forum, and check back weekly.