Big City Lights!

Windsor’s Jackson Park is lit up for the holidays with a dazzling array of colorful lights, displays, and of course, a big Christmas tree.

The display is so fantastic  that you literally walk through a magical winter wonderland to see the main attractions of the display.

Adding to the magic are buskers playing acoustic versions of our favorite Christmas carols, a food truck, and a sleigh to take pictures in; making the whole experience a real one of a kind holiday event for Windsorites. Jackson Park was full of people taking the scene in with lively chatter and exciting energy throughout.

Walking through the display is quite spectacular, and there is so much to take in, it will require multiple visits to truly see it all; meaning this event will be a popular spot over the next couple of weeks. It is the perfect place to bring family, friends, and dates of all types – or just bring yourself and a camera – because this holiday event is loaded with the potential for artistic inspiration.

reaching to the heavens in dance!

The relationship between pretty lighting and creative inspiration was clear.  Part of the experience became navigating yourself through a crowd of people that were frequently pausing to snap selfies, and take pictures of their favorite displays. Windsor has some spectacular events Рfireworks night comes to mind, the Santa Claus parade, and those events bring artists out by the heaps. There is a connection between the type of society you are living in and the art that it produces. The vibrancy of our society and culture is visible in the passion of artists and their output, and it was thriving Friday night at the opening of the new lighting fest.

Windsor is like a playground to artists right now and raw materials are the plaything – from the rock-art being arranged at the river, to the painted rocks dropped at Ojibway, our artistic culture is thriving.

Windsor has once again shown itself to be every bit of a spectacle as New York City has. Our meandering riverfront that winds along its own display of beautiful artwork is just one example. The new holiday tree lit up at Jackson Park is just another example!

If you think Windsor is as cinematic as I do, check out the Instagram link to cinematic_windsor (available in the social links menu above) for more pictures of our filmic city!

These trees are my favorite! The lights moving up the trunks make the trees look like they are dancing in the night.
There is a lot of potential for this event over the years. Imagine Willistead Manor lit up like the Griswold house, and the park’s trees and pathways lit up to the heavens for people to wander through. Walking in a winter wonderland? Imagine walking along the river and seeing such a display and what it would look like from Detroit! Do you have any other ideas of holiday lighting for Windsor? Post a comment and share ideas.

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  1. For Christmas you could light up the trees in Ojibway so that when you walk through at night it’s really bright and colorful instead of dark and creepy.

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