Where to See a Movie in Windsor: A Guide

There are alternatives to seeing box-office blockbusters on the big screen in Windsor. Although Windsor still does not have a full-time independent cinema, there are organizations and community groups devoted to viewing a wide selection of movies. In this guide, I will breakdown the options so that you know where to go the next time you want to see a movie on the big-screen. You can also check out the Events calendar located at the top of the sidebar menu to your left. Let’s get started:

Windsor Film Society: I have already posted a blog about this important community devoted to showing triptychs of movies for cinematic fans here in Windsor. Their current series is U of W Alumni Filmmakers, and features three selections coming up from local filmmakers. Up first is The Birder, on January 24 at the new home of the School of Creative Arts, University of Windsor, in the Armouries building located in downtown Windsor. The filmmakers will be in attendance for a discussion and Q&A after the screening. This is your opportunity to support local films, cinema, and artists all at the same time. By attending this unique event, you are getting a cinematic experience that big chains do not offer: a conversation with the filmmakers. See the Events calendar for more information.

Windsor International Film Festival: The wildly successful WIFF has been getting bigger for fifteen years, and last year celebrated being named #1 Film Festival in Canada by selling more than 42, 000 tickets in 2019. You can read the WIFF 2019 recap for more information. WIFF offers a chance for people to see the hottest documentaries, the latest foreign films, and a range of festival and Oscar winners. For more details about the local component, please read the 2019 recap. A trend is developing where WIFF and its monthly 365 series have been screening Netflix movies before they stream. This trend points to an idea that people still want to go out to see a movie. There is a shared communal bond among a movie audience that can’t be replicated at home in front of your T.V. – every November, WIFF reminds us of that for a hearty week of filmgoing; but that just leaves us wanting more.

The lobby of the Capitol Theatre for WIFF365

WIFF365: More. WIFF introduced WIFF365 to alleviate those post festival blues with a monthly series that screens two movies. Recently, I viewed Uncut Gems, and was grateful to see this Netflix movie on the big screen. It won’t be released in many theatres, so I feel like I was treated to a special experience. WIFF365 brings Windsor the opportunity to consistently see the best in alternative screening. Check the Events calendar for upcoming WIFF365 selections and don’t miss your next opportunity to see a once in a lifetime screening event.

Classic Films and Flashback Series: Screenings of older movies, offered at a discount price through Cineplex, at Windsor’s Silvercity. Coming up this spring, titles such as The Karate Kid, On the Waterfront, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s and many more will be available for viewing at Silvercity on select dates. Silvercity has an advantage over an independent cinema because they can afford the distribution rights, which can be costly, especially if you do not sell a lot of tickets to the event. I commend them for choosing to select older movies to throw in with their programming. Recently, I have viewed Batman and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Again, I am grateful to see those movies on the big-screen where the eye-popping colour scheme of Batman dazzles me and the action scenes of Raiders are right there in front of me.

It is after all, an experience. Whether you’re into an intimate setting with locals, a raw documentary, or the stylish comforts of Silvercity: Windsor has a movie-going option that is just right for you, and is as diverse as our great community.

What are your main considerations when going to see a movie? Is location as important as the film you’re choosing to see? Do you still value movie theatres in this age of streaming? What comforts and/or amenities do you require at a theatre nowadays? Please leave your comments below, thank you.

Uncut Gems: Adam Sandler Shines in Netflix Drama

If you’ve ever thought that Adam Sandler couldn’t act his way out of a wet paper bag: meet Howard Ratner, an Adam Sandler character that gets into a much stickier jam than being trapped in such a bag. It is indeed Sandler’s acting that helps us love this struggling character in the Safdie brothers’ modern and gritty realist auteuresque drama. 

Directed by Josh Safdie and Benny Safdie, Uncut Gems stars Adam Sandler as Howard Ratner, a has-been successful New York gems dealer that has raked up a severe amount of gambling debt. Ratner now has a chance at a big-score when he comes into possession of a rare and precious gem that he believes to be worth a million dollars; if he can balance all of the people that are after him for his various schemes involving pawning gems for protection against debts and betting any money that comes to him on basketball. Rotten Tomatoes rates it at a 92% and says, “Uncut Gems reaffirms the Safdies as masters of anxiety -inducing cinema – and proves that Adam Sandler remains a formidable dramatic actor when given the right material.” 

There is a lot to be excited about when it comes to Uncut Gems. It appears to be having a great festival run with special presentations happening at VIFF, TIFF, and now WIFF365. Reviews for the film have been mostly good. The Independent says of Sandler, “it’s the best performance of his career. [He] toys with his audience’s empathy, disgust and pity like a cat with its next meal.” There was some Oscar buzz about the movie, particularly for Adam Sandler’s career highlighting performance, but his name was not mentioned on the Oscar nominee’s announcement this morning. Is this another example of the Academy ignoring comedic actors in dramatic roles? Post your comments below.

Oscar nomination, or not, Sandler’s characterization of Howard Ratner is full of rich strokes of genius – he speaks as fast as he is quick to be shrewd, never missing an opportunity to capitalize any way he can. His shrewdness is evident in every scene as he continues to make shady deals in pursuit of quick earning, and is ultimately the character’s tragic flaw. 

Filmed in New York City, Uncut Gems features an intense opening scene shot in South Africa and takes us into the world of precious gem trading. It is also an exciting piece of Howard’s world of mysterious gems, gambling and risk-taking. This gritty drama is meant to be seen on the big-screen, preferably as part of a film festival, where you’re not just viewing it with the public, but with eager film buffs that are communally engaged, like at WIFF365.

For WIFF, it is another Netflix film to be screened before it streams on Netflix. The Irishman had a screening run in November, and now airs on the successful streaming service. Don’t wait to see Uncut Gems online though, this movie is so good it deserves to be seen on the big screen. You can search upcoming screening events in Windsor on our new Events calendar, featured in the top of the sidebar menu.