GetResponse Review: Quality, Affordable E-mail/Subscriber List for your Small Business or Blog


I have been using GetResponse for about 6 months. I initially signed up because it was the most affordable platform for a beginner e-mail campaign. Since, I have been pleased to grow my subscriber list and can see the benefits of direct mail communication to promote my blog and communicate with readers.

What is so great about GetResponse is that they are user-friendly, so beginners have an easy time navigating the web-site. GetResponse has an easy to interpret interface that allows users to take quick actions such as creating forms, newsletters, landing pages and autoresponders. From here, you can also see your latest newsletter stats – how many were opened, how many clicked-through. You can also see your list stats.

More important even than easy access to all of those basic functions of your GetResponse account, is the links to several free webinars, beginner courses, and a whole swath of other resources to help you understand how to make the most out of GetResponse. If you are new to the edea of newsletter marketing, or perhaps intimidated by the language, these webinars and the resources will help you get started.

List Building Program

It’s all right there in front of you to help you get started sending e-mails. I use them primarily for sending links to my subscribers about new content on my web-site. I find this valuable because:

  • They know when there is new content on the web-site.
  • It includes a link straight to the material.

It is a communications tool. I can personalize messages, sending certain customers certain promotions or discounts, info that you have learned from surveys or other customer research. It’s a personal message at holidays, birthdays, anniversaries (your list size tells you how long each subscriber has been on your list – send them a birthday wish! A gift even).

GetResponse allows you to build a relationship between you and your clients/ readers in this digital world. 

The decision to have an e-mail list should be an easy one for any blogger, small business owner, or social media influencer. It’s crucial to your ability to maintain a long-term communication with/and building a fan-base for your brand. With GetResponse you will get an experience that makes the process easier to grasp and encourages understanding so that you can master it, at an affordable price. There are different levels you can choose from. The basic plan with up to 1000 subscribers works well for me as a beginner, if need arises I can upgrade later. If you have a larger client base, maybe you want to upgrade straight away. GetResponse has the right quality, affordable plan for your needs.

GetResponse Pro

You can visit GetResponse to sign up by selecting any of the GetResponse ad links on this web-site. In the top menu there is a tab that says GetResponse, click it to go to their page for sign-up details. There are two more in the sidebar menu. Or, by clicking any of the ad links inside the article. Click on the offer that is most appealing to your needs, and in no time you will have an easy to use e-mail subscription service at your disposal: the most reliable tool for growing customers.

Using these referral links, I will receive a commission. Thank you.

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